Sow into the Ministry of Elogeme

There are three awesome opportunities for members and supporters of Elogeme Adolphi Christian Sorority, Inc.® to sow into the ministry of the sisterhood.

As a member, your contributions support:

  • the development of new undergraduate chapters
  • support of current chapters and modules
  • materials for teaching and leadership training
  • EA events and national correspondence to members

Ways to Pay

To pay via WePay (includes fee):

Other ways to pay (Please include a note on the transaction regarding what the payment is for):

Do you prefer mailing your payment or donation? 

You Can Send It To:
Elogeme Adolphi Christian Sorority, Inc.
P.O. Box 5701
Peoria, IL 61601

Evangelist Judy Hendricks Legacy Foundation

Evangelist Judy Hendricks is a preacher, teacher, counselor, mentor, prophetess, and visionary servant leader. Affectionately called Sister Judy, her tireless effort to continue the legacy of Elogeme Adolphi has produced scores of young women who live for God and encourage countless others to do likewise.

In Honor of Sister Judy’s faithfulness to and heart for Elogeme Adolphi Christian Sorority, the Evangelist Judy Hendricks Legacy Foundation is hereby established and the following award will serve as the seed for an annual fundraiser to realize her vision of an Elo House consecrated to the Lord and dedicated to the enduring legacy of Elogeme.

7 Butterflies Released for:

  1. Evangelist Judy Hendricks Legacy Foundation EST. 2015
  2. CHALLENGE – Elo Sisters, pay your SSOL no later than February 16, 2018
  3. CHALLENGE – Become a lifetime member by paying $2000. We need ONE MORE sister to reach our goal this year!
  4. CHALLENGE – Elo Alumni, contribute to the Legacy of EA by giving any multiple of $17 as a preservation offering.
  5. In memory of our Founder Mattie P. Dawson, encouraging you to contribute in any way you seem fit.
  6. In memory of our Prayer General Mom Maybell Mitchell, will establish a prayer room in the Elo House.
  7. In memory of Sis. Vanessa Ward. will dedicate our Administrative Office to her memory.